Gizmo Racing Cars 

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Gizmo GZ1

Gizmo is the latest brand in the market for high end touring car racers. The Gizmo GZ1 is a totally new developed touring car, which is completely adjustable down to the finest detail. The GZ1 features a specially patented designed drive-train system, which makes is possible to have a 100% centered drivetrain, not seen before in any high end touring cars.



At first glans, the Gizmo GZ1 is very different from previous known high end touring cars. The main chassis is cut from 2.15mm woven carbon fiber fitted with a patented one-piece vertically mounted top deck for increase stiffness. This new platform provides a linier flex platform not seen before. For maximum performance on the track, the Gizmo GZ1 is fitted with state of the art 7075 aluminum parts for maximum durability and precision. The design of the motor mount is completely new and not seen before. This patented system makes the Gizmo GZ1 able to have 100% centered drive train for better balance and weight distribution. Combining all of these parts makes the Gizmo GZ1 able to have an extreme low center of gravity.


The Gizmo GZ1 is fitted with a high efficient drive belt and pulley system for maximum acceleration and insignificant power loss. The front end spool and the rear end gear diff are fitted with a 35-tooth pulley, combined with an 18-tooth center pulley for an optimized internal gear ratio. Extra low friction double joint front universals and rear CVD universals are driven by high grade alloy outdrives for tremendous low rotational weight. The front and rear end hex adapters have a thin profile for low unsprung weight and easily adjustment of track with.


The Gizmo GZ1 is fitted with a fully adjustable suspension system; caster, active-caster, camber, roll center, droop, dive, anti-squat, front toe-in/out, rear toe, linear and active. For minimal unsprung weight, the Gizmo GZ1 is fitted as standard with carbon fiber wishbones. For easier use, the front and rear end wishbones are symmetrical. The front and rear end anti-roll bars are symmetrical and mounted with bearings in the one-piece top deck. The kit comes standard with 3 different thicknesses of anti-roll bars and 3 pairs of shock springs, allowing the driver to easily optimize the handling feel for your driving style.